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About us

Spacer India

The main idea behind the project “Spacer India” is to create a community in Trivandrum who are preparing for competitive exams such as UPSC, CAT,SSC , PSC etc. Students from this community face a multitude of problems in different phases during their preparation journey. The first phase occurs before starting their preparation, Second and third phase is during the preparation. This initiative intends to solve the problems faced by this student community by providing relevant and required services to the students during these phases

Also, it acts as a platform in bringing traction to LEADIAS. It happens when each of the students who came under this enterprise is finally getting converted for LEADIAS. Thus, the underlying idea is the conversion of this big ticket by persuading them through this mechanism.



Presently, Trivandrum is the major education hub in Kerala and is the main center for coaching institutes. This trend is steadily increasing when the data of the last 5 years was taken. Also, the possibility to increase the number of coaching centers is high. This possibility is understood when a small unstructured interview was conducted for the age group of 19-23. Along with that it is identified that students are finding it difficult to find a credible institution in Trivandrum. In addition to these, students from different districts find it difficult to find a decent place to stay as well. This project is intended to solve those issues faced by the students who are preparing for competitive exams. And to increase their productivity in all aspects so that the change of them getting converted increases.